MAZ Nitro in Diesel

MAZ Nitro DX retail packaging for use in diesel engines


Studies have shown that 1/3 of fuel consumption is spent on overcoming engine friction.

Upon combustion, MAZ Nitro naturally generates greasing properties inside the combustion chamber as shown on these injector bodies.

The greasing properties help to reduce friction and heat generation promoting mechanical efficiency of the engines.



Carbon deposit is the inevitable by-product from incomplete combustion.

“Deposit control additives” (DCA) used by oil companies are not effective as the slow speed of chemical washing is overwhelmed by the continuous flow of soot from incomplete combustion.

MAZ Nitro has a faster burn that reduces soot in flame and in engines.

Above borescope of diesel engine with accumulated mileage of 585,000km. After using MAZ Nitro for 12,000km.

Older engines and engines subjected to heavy usage tend to have unnoticed oil and fuel leaks inside the cylinders.

These leaks are overlooked in the regular service program. MAZ Nitro has been able to “engineer out” these problems.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared in 2012 that diesel exhaust can cause cancer.

Diesel emits more Particulate Matters (PM) than other fuels. In actuality, PM 2.5 is the most toxic and it has an extensive distribution range.

Reducing diesel exhaust is now an urgent public health issue.

MAZ Nitro is also registered with the EPA in the U.S.A.