Awards & Official Recognitions

Green Technology Promotion Catalogue

Detergency Enhancement Additive (DEA)

  • MAZ was added to the National Catalogue for the promotion of “Energy Savings and Low Carbon Technology” by NDRC as a “DEA” in 2015
  • The National Automotive Green Alliance has certified MAZ as “Gasoline DEA” in Dec 2020 specifying the definition and evaluation methodology for DEA, and provided the industry guidance to the government on DEA.
  • The National Energy Administration is finalizing the plan to set up the national fuel standards to include DEA specifications.


Queensland Mining Award Finalist 2018 for Innovative and Effective Product

Endorsed as Clean Fuel Efficiency Improvement Technology, China

MAZ is recognized by China as an innovative combustion transformation technology serving the strategic energy objectives of China. Hence in 2017, MAZ was accepted by China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) by selecting it as the only candidate for “Clean Fuel Efficiency Improvement Technology” for policy promotion.

The “Clean Fuel Technology” is urgently needed to tackle the worsening smog situation arising from  particulate matter (PM) emissions from expanding mobile sources.

This technology will ensure that China  gets more “blue sky” days, and it is also fully supported by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in offering policy incentives for implementation.

Together, these endorsements have laid the political and bureaucratic foundations to expedite the implementation of MAZ in the coming months.

“Bluetech Award 2017 Finalist”- International Clean Air Technology

The Bluetech Award is the world’s first clean air technology promotion to tackle the most severe air pollution challenges. The annual award is presented by the Clean Air Alliance of China (CAAC) to recognise outstanding technologies that have breakthrough potential to prevent and control different forms and sources of air pollution.

In 2017, an international panel of experts organized by CAAC selected MAZ for the Bluetech Award 2017 Finalist achieving “Deposit Control Enhancement Technology For Automobile Fuel”. The combustion detergency effect of MAZ is world’s first and is now internationally recognized.