Features of MAZ Combustion Detergency


1. Continuously Fast & High-Temperature Burn

MAZ Nitro flame is continuously faster burn at higher temperature without any flame quenching and reigniting, thus reducing and preventing soot formation in flame.

Using chemiluminecence images, it is shown that Nitro-ignited spray flame shows greater intensity than fuel without MAZ.

The presence of MAZ has contributed to the acceleration of predisposition activity, thus releasing abundant radicals enhancing the flame speed  and improve combustion.

Adding MAZ also reduces the autoignition temperature of the fuel resisting the fluctuating change in ambient temperature.

The incandescence images further shows fuel is prone to yield soot formation wherever it is in flames. The images shows that the abundant soot is produced inside the flame. However, in the case of MAZ dosed fuel the soot concentrate in higher temperature reaction zone is decreasing.  It assumes that MAZ prohibits the onset of soot production in the high temperature reaction zone.

Source: NCKU lab center, school of mechanical engineering, Taiwan.

2. Engine Detergency


3. Unique Molecular Protective Film in Engines

Studies have shown that 1/3 of fuel consumption is spent on overcoming engine friction.

Upon combustion, MAZ Nitro naturally generates greasing properties inside the combustion chamber as shown on these injector bodies.

The greasing properties help to reduce friction and prevent heat loss, thus generating mechanical efficiency of the engine.

This unique film also reduces exhaust temperature.


4. Removal of Oil Sludge & Deposits on Cylinder Walls


High mileage engines tend to form oil sludge and deposits on the cylinder walls. The sludge will cause the oil to lose their cooling effects and increase engine friction.

Marine Engine Detergency






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