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Sustainable Fuel Savings & Emissions Reduction

MAZ Technologies

MAZ - The Technology of Optimism & Opportunities 

Certified No. 1 in Environmental Protection Industry by the Central Government of China

Sustainable Fuel Savings & Emissions Reduction for ALL Internal Combustions Engines Worldwide

Affirmative Climate Action & Clean Air

MAZ is certified by China’s Central Government as a Green Technology Innovation achieving No.1 in the environmental protection industry.

Consequently, the use of MAZ can transform the petroleum fuels into green, safe and cleaner transport energy for the benefits of mankind.

MAZ is an approved green solution applicable for the global oil companies to ensure their refined products meeting carbon reduction goals.

Importantly, the sustainable fuel savings can more than pay for the use of MAZ.

  1. 1
    Fuel Savings
    • Sustainable Fuel Savings of 4.8% to 8.9% in Bench Tests
    • Fuel Savings of 8.1% to 24.76% in Real World Testing 
    • Fuel Savings of 7.5% to 10% in Fleet Operators (Australia)

    Gasoline Bench Test Results


    Diesel Bench Test Results


    Real World Test Results


    Fuel Savings from Fleet Operators in Australia

  2. 2
    Nanoparticle Emissions
    • Significantly Reduce Nanoparticle Number Emissions

    Recent studies have found that direct injection engines emit less soot but more nanoparticles. These ultra-fines particles measure less than 100nm but they are able to penetrate deeper into lungs and blood stream making them deadlier than PM 2.5.

    The real-world testing in Australia and Singapore has shown than MAZ is able to reduce nanoparticles emissions by 84% to 90%+.

    Singapore Road Test Measurements


    Australia Underground Mining Results


  3. 3
    Particulate Matters (PM)
    • Reduce PM by 30-50%, extending operating life of both DOC & DPF


    MAZ Emission Reduction 
    Soot & Particulate Matter (PM) for Diesel Fuel


The National Automotive Green Alliance has certified MAZ as “Gasoline DEA” (Detergency Enhancement Additive) in December 2020 specifying the definition and evaluation methodology, and provided the industry guidance to the government on DEA.

Bluetech Award Finalist 2017 for engine detergency enhancement for all motor fuels

Certified No. 1 in Environmental Protection Industry by the Central Government of China

Queensland Mining Award Finalist 2018 for innovative and effective product

Our Testimonials

The active substance combust completely in the fuel and can therefore simply be added to the gasoline, diesel oil and bunker oil as ready-to-use. MAZOIL can be used for increase combustion efficiency, reduce air pollution from exhaust gas and economise fuel consumption based on several test results.

Defence Technology Institute Ministry of Defense, The Kingdom of Thailand

Our fleet which is more than 200 vehicles (range from cars, vans and trucks) during the period of treatment does not have any incident reporting of breakdown with regards to the fuel used. On the contary, more drivers had feedback that the vehicles has increased power and engines are much smoother than before.

Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages Pte Ltd

Total fuel consumed for the trial month was approximately 881,000 litres. 6 months after the end of the trial, all oil samples and SOS results continue to remain within OEM's tolerable limits. No damage at all appears to have been suffered by any machines in any of the digger fleets as a result of using MAZ.

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance